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tl;dr Marketing - Issue 16
Is Google pushing their own products in search by manipulating SERPs?

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ISSUE 16  1st February 2017

Note from the Curator

  Note from the Curator  


G'day folks,

Is Google pushing their own products in search by manipulating SERPs? iOS devs can soon start replying to reviews for their apps.




AMP Deepviews to Enable Native App Growth and Discovery through SEO

The new solution, called AMP Deepviews, is designed to accomplish three things:

  • present in-app content when the app is not installed
  • load quickly
  • get the preferential mobile search treatment that Google gives to AMP pages.

Google Uses Its Search Engine to Hawk Its Products

A Wall Street Journal analysis found that ads for products sold by Google and its sister companies appeared in the most prominent spot in 91% of 25,000 recent searches related to such items.


Google to Extract Keywords from Image Text?

A newly granted patent from Google describes how the search engine might extract meaning from text in images, and might retrieve images associated with such extracted text.


Is App Indexing For Google Worth The Effort?

A case study for app indexing at Vivid Seats:

  • If your resources are limited you should focus on web content instead.
  • traffic from app indexing went up by 919% but web content still brings in more than 99.8% of the total traffic from search.
  • it did not drive a lot of app installs

Apple will finally let developers respond to App Store reviews

According to developer documentation for the iOS 10.3 beta, when this version of Apple’s mobile operating ships, developers will also be able to ask for reviews in new ways, in addition to responding to those posted publicly on the App Store.


Google Hotel Listings Show Pricing Trends & Top Rated Data

The first is Google showing pricing trends by day, week, etc for booking hotels. The second is Google shows how well the hotel is rated when you click on the hotel name.


Preview books in mobile SERP

You can now preview book in Mobile SERP. Didn't work in


Today's Events On The Maps

Seems to be an organic way to highlight events around a location. I guess it wouldn't be long before we see sponsored events?


Google AMP News Results Skyrockets Globally

AMP within news results more than doubles in the US between January 26 - 29 . Almost 70% AMP news results in the US.


Protect your site from user generated spam

Google shares some tips on how to fight user generated spam.


Introducing the Mobile-Friendly Test API

Google's Mobile-Friendly Test is now available via the API


New support content around Help For Hacked Websites

Google add some support documentation around hacked websites.




Free Images, Videos and More for Marketers is a curated list of free stock 📷 images, 🎼 sfx and 📹 videos and more in one place. Just head over to AllTheFreeStock when you need an image or video for your next campaign.




Facebook Tests Stories in Ireland

Similar to the Stories features found on Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook Stories allow users to “share ephemeral photos and videos in a slideshow that disappears 24 hours later.


FB Messenger gets Ads in AU and Thailand

Facebook is running a “very small test” in Australia and Thailand that allows businesses to place ads on the home screen of the Messenger app. The new ads will be seen below the user’s Recent Conversations and Favorites, but will not appear in conversations unless the user engages with the ads.


Stream Live to Multiple Destinations with Livestream Simulcast

Livestream Simulcast lets enterprise users reach their audience wherever they are. ( Periscope, FB Live, YouTube Live and more )


Digital in 2017 Global Overview

Key takeaways:

  • Social catches up with search for discovery. Search is still king for helping consumers research and evaluate products and services, but social is starting to rival search for discovery, especially among younger buyers.
  • Organic reach will continue to decline for brands. To combat this, brands will need to pay-to-play and rely on social advertising to reach their audience
  • Huge chunk of Social comes from Mobile
  • Social Penetration in Oceania is at 52% ( Global average 37%, USA : 66% )
  • FB / Messenger / WhatsApp leads the pack when it comes to social and chat



New AdWords interface alpha is rolling out to more advertisers

You can toggle back and forth between the new and old interfaces. A guided tour will launch the first time the new UI loads in an account. Google says accounts are selected based on a number of factors, such as the features used.


Google launches Ads Added by AdWords pilot

How are the ads generated? We’re told that for the test, the ads were generated by people (as opposed to auto-generated) based on the existing ads in the account and the landing page content. From the Help Center page on this new program, we also know that any ads generated for the pilot will be labeled “Added by AdWords.”

Currently, 2,000 accounts have been selected for the test. Each has a two-week opt-out window via a form. If you do not receive an email, you haven’t been selected for the pilot.


Google AdSense Launches Ad Balance Slider Tool To Show Less Ads

Ad balance lets publishers use a slider to show less ads on their sites with the drag and click of a button. Google explained that "ad balance controls help you reduce the number of ads you show to users, specifically the ads that earn you the least revenue, and see how it affects your earnings."


PLA in Google Local Pack

Google is testing PLA ads in Local Packs. Clicking on it takes you to a Google Shopping landing page.


No more Standard Text Ads in Adwords

As of January 31, you’ll only be able to create and edit text ads using the expanded text ads format. You’ll no longer be able to create standard text ads.


New Ad Extensions Scheduling from Bing Ads - Bing Ads

You can now control when your extensions are delivered for the time that’s most ideal for your business.

Ad extension scheduling is available for the following extension types:

  • App Extension
  • Sitelink Extension
  • Callout Extension
  • Call Extension
  • Review Extension
  • Location Extension
  • Structured Snippet Extension

Google testing ghost ad labels

Probably just another test from Adwords to see what work.


Bing Introduces Automated Imports from Adwords

Set your campaigns from Google AdWords to automatically sync with Bing Ads. No more having to manually update the changes made in AdWords.  Automated Imports lets you stay on top of all your campaigns across both platforms more efficiently.


How Google fought bad ads, sites and scammers in 2016

In 2016, we took down

  • nearly 80 million bad ads for deceiving, misleading and shocking users.
  • more than 17 million bad ads for illegal gambling violations in 2016.
  • more than 68 million bad ads for healthcare violations, up from 12.5 million in 2015.
  • etc

Google testing a new card based local pack ad on mobile


Customize your ads using IF functions and default values

Ad customizers let you show highly relevant ads to your customers, in real-time, even if you have hundreds or thousands of products and promotions. Now we’re making it even easier to customise these ads with IF functions and default values.




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