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tl;dr Marketing - Issue 15
Google’s mobile interstitial penalty goes live, Google tests a website builder for SMB.

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ISSUE 15  18th January 2017

Note from the Curator

  Note from the Curator  


G'day folks,

Google launching a Website Builder and there is a Lite version of AMP called AMP Light ... whaaaaaat?




Google’s Mobile Interstitial Penalty Goes Live

Did it make much of an impact? Seeing mixed results from various sources. How did it impact you?


Google Crawl Budget Explained

In a recent post, Google shed some light on how Google's crawl budget works. It's based on 2 main things Crawl rate limit and Crawl demand


Cookie banner frustration to be tackled by EU

Since 2012, EU rules have required websites to tell users what cookies are being placed on their machine. Instead of giving consent to cookies on every website they visit, users would now be able to set general preferences in their browsers.


Google Jump To Links In Search Snippets

They have existed on desktop for a while and not it seems to appear in mobile SERPs too.


Google Analytics Reports Google Home (App) Traffic as Direct Traffic

Click through traffic from Google Home App as cards under the "Related to your Activity" will be reported in GA as Direct traffic.


Google testing a SMB Website Builder

Google is testing a GMB Website Builder targetted towards SMB. It is a super simple single page website builder with very little opportunity for customization or change.


Mobile First Index: Google to Notify Sites of Possible Issues via Search Console

In a recent Google Webmaster Office Hours, John Mueller said that they plan to send notices to webmasters via Google Search Console, alerting them that they would be likely to suffer issues when the mobile first index goes live.


Google Releases GMB API 3.2 with Insights

Google has updated the Google GMB API to v. 3.2 this afternoon and included in the update is full access to 18 months of Insights data. Now 3rd part tools can provide insights on Clicks for Driving Directions, Clicks to Phone, Visits to Website, Top 10 Driving Directions Requests Locations, etc


Google Structured Data Testing Tool now validates Multi-Typed Entities

Google Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT) now validates Multi-Typed Entities. FYI Google was able to crawl and understand this before today, it used to pass SC validation without errors but SDTT had issues wit it which seems to be resolved now.


Google launches AMP Lite

Nope, you read that correctly. Apparently, there is a light version of AMP called AMP Light.

According to Google, it includes compressed images and image data, among other things so that articles and other websites will load even more quickly and takes up less data than standard AMPs.




All the marketing tools you will ever need in one place

A constantly updated list of digital marketing / SEO tools and resources handpicked by Saijo George.




Snapchat launches universal search

Snapchat just made it much easier to navigate around the app and find friends, groups, Discover publishers, and Our Stories with a universal search bar that’s always accessible at the top of the app. Will be rolling out soon.


Super Chat : Promoted Comments on Youtube Live

Super Chat. Anybody watching a live stream can purchase a Super Chat: a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the crowd to get even more of your favorite creator’s attention. And Super Chats remain pinned to the top of chat for up to 5 hours, giving more airtime for your messages.


Instagram to Release Business Insights and Ads in Stories

In the coming weeks, Instagram Business Tools will now include insights on stories. You’ll be able to see the reach, impressions, replies and exits for each individual story within Business Tools.

In addition to viewing insights, you’ll soon be able to run immersive, full screen ads in stories.


Twitter Dashboard will be closing down on February 3rd

It might make its way out to advertisers in a different form.


Facebook Expands Retargeted Ads' Reach

In the past, advertisers have only been able to single out folks who specifically looked at a product on their website or mobile app. e new ad format is more akin to an acquisition tool than a retargeting tactic since brands can hone in on folks who may be interested in a product but have not necessarily looked at it on their website.

Dynamic ads are initially open to retailers and ecommerce brands in the U.S. with plans to include other regions in the coming months.


Facebook Audience Network hits one billion a month

Over one billion people see an advert through the Audience Network every month


FB Tests Multiple Instant Articles in One Post

Starting January 12th, FB will begin to test a way for publishers to combine multiple Instant Articles into one post. Publishers simply choose the articles and a cover image or video to package together in a set of Instant Articles. People on the latest version of our iOS and Android apps will be eligible to see these posts in News Feed and on a publisher’s Page in the coming weeks.

They are testing thsi with limited partners at this stage.


Snapchat Is Testing New Ad Features

According to a Snap rep, the latest additions are

  • deep-linking - consumers can swipe up and tap a link to be taken out of Snapchat and directly into a new app—to a playlist in a music app, or a product page in an ecommerce app
  • web auto-fill - allows viewers to fill out lead-generation forms with one tap on the screen after seeing an ad



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