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tl;dr Marketing - Issue 6
Google retiring Map Maker and making mobile index their primary index.

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ISSUE 6  9th November 2016

Note from the Curator

  Note from the Curator  


G'day folks,

After a long leave of absence, I have decided to start publishing this newsletter again. I have decided to make this a fortnightly publication, so expect to see this email every 2 weeks on Wednesdays (AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Saijo George




Google is about to retire Map Maker

Google Map Maker will be integrated directly into Google Maps in March 2017 when they will retire the standalone Map Maker product.


Edit business information for bulk locations on GMB

Google has introduced an update to GMB editor which allows users to update business info for multiple locations via the editor.


Safe Browsing introduces Repeat Offender penalty

Once Safe Browsing has determined that a site is a Repeat Offender:

  • the webmaster will be notified via email to their registered Search Console email address.

  • the webmaster will be unable to request additional reviews via the Search Console for 30 days, and warnings will continue to show to users.


Google looks for way to link & share canonical URL on AMP pages

If you have tried sharing a URL from an AMP article in Google, chances are you have noticed that the link copied is a URL and not the actual URL of the page. Now Google is testing an easier way to share to link and share the actual URL on AMP pages.


Google removes Sitelinks from bottom of most non branded search listings

Google has recently removed most of the sitelinks from the desktop search results listings. Currently, only sites that have expanded sitelinks – usually brand searches – still have sitelinks with descriptions.


Google drops the Knowledge Graph snippet overlay in SERP

Google has recently dropped the feature that shows a miniature knowledge graph overall for individual snippets.


Google tests "Back to Top" button for mobile SERP

Google is currently experimenting with a new "Back to Top" button, which will make it easier for mobile users to scroll to the top of a SERP page.


Google’s Begins Testing Mobile-First Indexing

Goole has started testing the long awaited Mobile Index. Traditionally Google has gone with a desktop index but with more users searching from mobile devices they are planning to switch to a mobile index as the primary index.

Will you need to make any change?

  • If you serve different content to mobile users compared to desktop users, then yes.

  • If you have removed structured data markup from your mobile pages, then yes.

This post from Jennifer Slegg on The SEM Post covers a lot of changes you should be aware of.




Free Images, Videos and More for Marketers is a curated list of free stock 📷 images, 🎼 sfx and 📹 videos and more in one place. Just head over to AllTheFreeStock when you need an image or video for your next campaign.




YouTube launches new tools for comments section

Comment features include :

  • Pinned comments

  • Creator hearts

  • Creator usernames

Moderation tools :

  • Choose moderators

  • Blacklist words and phrases

  • Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review


Twitter launches Quick Replies and Welcome Messages in DM

If you’re a business that provides support in Direct Messages, you can set a default welcome message today in the support settings page of Twitter Dashboard to greet people when they start a conversation.


Facebook rivals LinkedIn with job ad features

Are you a business that wants to further promote a job opening? Here's your chance. Facebook is introducing a job opening feature that will rival Microsoft’s $26.2 billion cash acquisition - LinkedIn.




Google tests carousel Shopping Ads on YouTube

Google is testing a traditional carousel format for Shopping Ads on YouTube. Rather than showing a couple of ads along the right-hand side of a video on desktop, a scrollable carousel shows four ads below a video at any one time.

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