a16z monthly newsletter - trends 2019

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a16z monthly newsletter - trends 2019
with Jorge Conde, Kristen Fortney, Ben Horowitz, James Rogers, and Bernard J. Tyson
We’re entering a new age where the very definition of 'what is a medicine' is changing thanks to technology -- with implications for drug design, therapies, and more. So how does the healthcare system innovate and strike a balance between the short and long term (especially from the vantage point of the CEO of Kaiser Permanente)? And what's the latest on the frontiers of science (not science fiction!) when it comes to the most promising work on human longevity... as well as the latest on harnessing nature to address humanity's other problems? 
with Brian Armstrong, Sonal Chokshi, Chris Dixon, Katie Haun, Linda Xie, and Ali Yahya 
Beyond some true-crime stories in the early wild-west days of crypto, there are immediate use cases for crypto today, as well as entirely new applications made possible because of it. What are some of the key ones to know, and how can we view cryptonetworks through the history and evolution of trust? Finally, what does it take to get from vision to mainstream reality... including company and community building in the space?
with Marc Andreessen, Tyler Cowen, Benedict Evans, and Ben Horowitz
Zooming in: Where are we right now on industries being affected by tech (such as retail) and tech trends old and new (such as wearables, AR/VR, blockchain)? As software eats talent and "culture" (and vice versa), what can we learn from music, TV, even food? And zooming out: How will the next big platform shifts -- like machine learning -- impact huge swathes of established industries, as technology begins to tackle bigger problems, in harder markets, at deeper levels?
with Marc Andreessen, Connie Chan, Andrew Chen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Ashley McCollum, and Meg Whitman
Believe it or not, we’re still in the early days of the internet. So what’s possible -- for commerce, entertainment, content creators and influencers, and brands old and new -- when we go beyond business models that rely only on advertising? 
with Martin Casado, Stephanie Cohen, Alex Rampell, and Angela Strange 
What does it mean to build vs. buy? Chief strategy officer of Goldman Sachs (and former global head of financial sponsors M&A) Stephanie Cohen has seen it all when it comes to the ins and outs of big company innovation, and shares insights on how companies navigate this. On the flip side, how are new entrants reinventing legacy businesses -- like insurance and real estate (one about human progress and risk, the other about the American dream) -- through technology? What’s the impact at an individual, industry, economy level?  
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