Olympians share the stories behind their scars


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The divinity of the body doesn’t mean it should be treated as a temple, sterilized from the world. The athletic life gives the body the respect and attention it deserves, while also using it as a tool, something pushed and molded for whatever work the athlete does.

Even with the best conditions, this constant pushing of limits puts the body in danger. It will twist, tear, and break. It will be destroyed and rebuilt and scars will stand as evidence of those athletic endeavors. They are stories on the body.

As we prepare for the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in South Korea tomorrow, consider the athletes who literally give their blood, sweat and tears to the sports they love. It can be a long, and ugly journey to get to the pinnacle of the sports world, but their stories are worth reading and remembering. (Note: the most unpleasant images have been hidden from view in this story unless you click on them)

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