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Every day at Product Hunt, we celebrate the accomplishments of diverse makers, from indie developers hacking on a side project in Paris to venture-backed startups in the States. Building anything is tough. The fear of failure, the long nights and weekends, and endless frustration. It's both unavoidable and laudable. Today, we're launching Maker Stories: a weekly series highlighting makers from the Product Hunt community from around the world, sharing their backstory, struggles, and favorite emoji. 🤗 As a special launch day treat, we’re releasing the first batch Netflix-style so you can binge the first three stories on your morning commute: 🇮🇹 An ex-Adobe engineer moved to Italy to build a to-do list for your entire life. We talked with Kaitlyn, founder of Simply.Digital, about straying from a conventional career path. 😻 Build your business on the internet’s love of cats. Belgium's Bregt Colpaert has built his livelihood with small feline art and fashion pieces that don't come from a factory. 🛠️ Build any software, no code required. Meet Emmanuel, a Harvard Business School graduate whose development platform lets anyone build web apps without a single line of code. It's like magic. Want a sneak peek into our upcoming interviews? Subscribe here. 👊
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