NEW! Episode #138: The Great Momo Panic

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NEW! Episode #138: The Great Momo Panic
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The Great Momo Panic 

Spring isn't here yet, but a new episode is. In Episode #138: The Great Momo Panic, We investigate the mystery of why parents across the world became convinced that a half-bird/half-woman monster was going to harm their kids over the Internet. And we answer the question of how robocallers are able to fake your telephone number when they call you.

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Alex Goldman says: "So, I’m a big fan of high concept weird podcasts that sound like one long inside joke, which is why I so thoroughly enjoyed my friend Nate’s new podcast Friendlymen. I’m not really sure how to describe it, to be honest, and I can’t guarantee anyone will actually enjoy it. But, it’s one hour of two guys claiming credit for inventing the podcast, inveighing against clear sodas like Sprite, and coming up with 'silly' versions of movies and books that already exist. I don’t know if there will be an episode two, but I also don’t know if there needs to be. It’s friendly, it’s silly."
Reply All Intern Christina Djossa says: "I just finished the book Annihilation, and have been looking for thriller or science-fiction novels to read. During my frantic search, I stumbled on this app called Serial Box, which is a service that delivers serialized fiction to you every week for 10 to 16 episodes per season. You can read each episode on your device, and if you ever feel like changing it up, you can swap to the audiobook. The audiobooks are highly produced (think Homecoming), and so it's kinda fun to have different options to enjoy a story. Basically, Serial Box smushes the best of TV, fiction, and audio together in one, and I am so grateful I don't have to scour listicles to find my next read, for now."
Jessica has been in moral crisis over a video game: "It’s an RPG called Undertale. Here are the basics: you’re a human who’s fallen into an underworld of monsters. As you move through the world, you meet different creatures and it’s up to you how you pass them. You can kill, or you can appeal to their personalities and try to make peace. Through these little choices, a story unfolds (there are apparently almost a hundred versions of the game). But I have to tell you, the ending can be truly brutal. You can, say, work countless hours to try to be a PERFECT PACIFIST, but still endure a crushing moral indictment of how you played the game. Just a warning."

Executive Editor Jorge Just says: "You should buy anything that my friends Che-Wei and Taylor design. Their newest thing is this studio sketchbook, which they just put up on Kickstarter. I’m sure it’s great, but you’ve got a week left to find out for yourself. Or you can check out the rest of their projects here."

Gimlet Creative Producer Rikki Novetsky says: "I recommend a podcast called Aria Code from The Metropolitan Opera and WQXR. Every week is a different aria explained by a panel of people from different perspectives, such as the opera singer who performs it at the Met and a person who has experienced what the song/opera is about. It’s hosted by MacArthur genius Rhiannon Giddens. Anyway, I’m not an opera person at all, but the show is beautifully produced and I’ve learned a lot from it so far!!"
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