NEW! Episode #130: The Snapchat Thief

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NEW! Episode #130: The Snapchat Thief
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We have a new episode!

This week, we have a new Super Tech Support, Episode #130: The Snapchat Thief

After Lizzie's Snapchat gets hacked, things start getting really creepy. Alex investigates.

Listen to Episode #130: The Snapchat Thief
Alex says: "I always thought Avalon was kind of the most boring Roxy Music album. I didn’t really get it, because I like huge, silly music, and their first couple albums have a big blustery sound, whereas Avalon is a really gentle and quiet album.

"But then Rick Kwan said in passing, 'That’s like one of the best recorded albums ever,' which, like, of course he did. He’s an engineer. But then I went and listened to it, and holy moly, it’s lush! It’s always fascinating when someone says like one sentence that completely changes your understanding of something."
Anna says: “I’ve been having a lot of fun with this brownie recipe from Bon Appetit. Because the ingredients are so simple, I always have them laying around. So if I, hypothetically, want a brownie at 9 p.m. but don’t want to leave my cozy apartment, I can have one. I recommend sprinkling a little flaky salt on the top of the batter before you throw these bad boys in the oven.”
Jessica says: "I'm one of those people who just listens to the same 10 albums over and over, so it is very exciting for me to say that I’m listening to something new! A friend of mine recently introduced me to this South Korean psychedelic rock guitarist from the '60s and '70s named Shin Joong-hyun, and it’s all I’ve been listening to this week. (This is a good one, and so is this one.) Another reason I love him: he learned about rock by building his own radio."
Josh Fjelstad, director of sales marketing, says: "I kicked off my week in a delightful place thanks to Merriam-Webster's Time Traveler. It's a slick tool that reveals when words first appeared in print, going all the way back to 1500. A good way to start your time-traveling adventure is picking your birth year: I was surprised to find that the seemingly contemporary (and obnoxious) phrase 'killer app' has been on the scene since 1988.

"That same year, it turns out, was also the first time anyone used the term 'emo,' which I'm sure isn't supposed to be a joke about my birth. (Shout out to Scott Lamb's excellent i18n newsletter for originally pointing me to this etymological journey.)"
Heather Schröering says, "I'm currently planning my own funeral because this Lizzo song is everything I've ever needed or wanted to live for. I listen to it every morning, and every single time I do, the hip hop goddess' flute riff prepares me for a pleasant exit from this world and nearly slays me with the drop at 28 seconds."
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