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Really rad stuff we found this week
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Hi, everyone!

We're plugging away at some fun stories for you in the future. For now, listen to this throwback, Episode #80: Flash!

A bitter Yes Yes No rivalry, and the return of 10 Minutes on Craigslist. Someone has gone missing. 

Listen to Episode #80: Flash!
PJ says: "This is a short, stupid, perfect joke, in my opinion."
Damiano recommends this article, Elena Ferrante stays out of the picture: "About a year ago, I read the Neapolitan Novels, a series of books told over the lifetime of a female friendship that begins in 1950s Italy. I absolutely loved them. They're written by this pseudonymous author Elena Ferrante, and in this story, I just like that we get a little keyhole look into how the brain of a notoriously private and mysterious person works. It's weirdly heartening to hear someone being as onerously specific as I feel we are sometimes."
Wallace Mack, associate producer at Gimlet, says: "There’s been so much conversation in the past few years about 'the death of R&B.' 'No one makes R&B music anymore,' the people say! 'It’s all autotune these days!' But I’d like to recommend an album for those looking to fill that void in their lives. The album is Saturn, by a Black British singer and songwriter named NAO. 

"Her voice is heavenly, and the album lives up to its name—it’s pretty intergalactic. It touches so many different variations of the R&B sound, from traditional R&B in songs like its title track, to songs like 'Gabriel' that have a really light and fun pop influence. Stream the album wherever you listen to music, and BUY it if you really like it. R&B is alive and well!"
Bobby Lord, post-production engineer, would like to recommend Connections. He says: "My girlfriend recently discovered this 10-part BBC documentary series, and we’ve been watching it obsessively. James Burke is a science and technology historian, who shows us—in a really charming way—the interconnections of technology and how they led us to where we are today. It first aired in 1978, and the way it’s shot is beautiful and strange. Be warned though, if you stop paying attention for even 30 seconds, you’ll have to rewind. It’s a dense show with a lot of information. You can watch it all for free on"
Heather Schröering recommends Orbeez balloon bomb experiment videos: "I confess, I had to turn to a mommy blog (I'm not a mom btw) to define Orbeez, which are these crazy absorbent squishy marbles that expand, like, a billion times their size in water. But now that I know, I’m canceling my therapist because these weird and wonderful water balloon videos are part ASMR, part how-to and 100 percent mesmerizing therapy.

"The videos all take the same form—someone fills a balloon with colorful Orbeez and water, and later we watch it explode. Imagine skittles erupting from a mini volcano. This one is my fave because the maker puts two tiny plastic babies inside the balloon. What a weird delight."
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