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Things you'll love as much as we do
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Hey everyone!

We are working on new stories for you, so here is a great one from 2015 to tide you over: I Love You, I Loathe You. In it, a Yes Yes No, and an Undo, Undo, Undo segment that finds out listeners' most cringeworthy accidental messages. 

Listen to #48: I Love You, I Loathe You
Tim says, "My favorite TV show of the last couple years is a Norwegian series called Occupied. It takes place in near-future Norway at a time of massive political upheaval. Norway’s president decides that that the country will no longer export oil to the rest of Europe, and Russia really does not like this at all. It doesn’t give away anything to tell you that Russia occupies Norway…but it very quickly gets way more high stakes and riveting than I could have guessed. It’s really fast-paced, but full of complexity and moral ambiguity. Way more interesting, IMHO, than The Americans (which I also like). Anyway, this is just to say that season 2 is now on Netflix in the US, and you should watch it. Honestly, I’m not totally sure you should see it before season 1. So you should watch both. You should call in sick tomorrow. You should leave early today."
Freelance Producer Khrista Rypl says, "I'm recommending this great recipe for a farro salad for two reasons. 1) Cooking farro in apple cider gives it such a wonderful flavor, better than anything else I've tried. 2) You can actually skip all the toppings, and use the farro and dressing as a base for easy lunches in infinite variety. Sometimes I'll roast tomatoes and toss them with arugula, or roast red peppers and toss in fresh herbs. You can add mint, pomegranate seeds, feta—anything really. It's impossible to mess up."
Soraya Shockley, associate producer at Crimetown, says, "Wild Wild Country is a new documentary series from Netflix about a small town in middle-of-nowhere Oregon that gets taken over by the Rajneeshee cult (or religious sect, depending on whose side you're on). Get ready to descend into absolute lunacy as tensions rise between townspeople and worshipers and things get WAAAAAY out of hand. I'm talking about wiretapping, poisoning, blended up beaver, the FBI, dozens of Rolls Royces, and so so so much more. I don't think there is a better way to sum up the experience of watching Wild Wild Country other than to say that it is indeed wild."
Anna Foley, freelance development producer, says, "Like many other girls in their mid 20s living in Brooklyn, I dabble in astrology. 'Dabble' is probably a generous term. I like reading my horoscope and guessing my friends’ signs. And I know it probably doesn’t mean anything and is a mere attempt to assign significance to the random things that happen to us. It’s just fun, ok?" Anna and senior producer Kimmie Regler were having a conversation about their shared casual interest in astrology when Kimmie turned Anna onto the Co – Star app. Anna is actually mesmerized by this app. It asks you for the date, time and location of your birth, so you find out your sun, moon and rising signs. It then gives you hyper personal daily readings, taking into account all of your signs. You can also add your friends’ Co – Star profiles and find out how compatible your signs are. Anna has spent the last day trying to convince everyone she knows to download the app. How else is she supposed to know if she’s compatible with people in her life? It’s literally written in the stars. And on this app.
Devon Guinn, the Reply All intern, says, "I recently reread one of my all-time favorite articles, 'The Catastrophe,' by Oliver Sacks. It follows Spalding Gray, an energetic, prolific, and renowned writer and actor, who begins to have disturbing behavioral changes after a car crash. It was one of the last things Sacks ever published, and it's one of those stories that makes you acutely aware of human fragility—grateful for everything you take for granted, and fearful that it could all be taken away."
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