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Stuff we've been digging lately
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Happy Spring!

We are working on some new stories, so we are going back in time to share this episode from 2015. The Time Traveler and the Hitman.

In 1997, John Silveira wrote a joke classified ad in a tiny publication called Backwoods Home Magazine asking if anyone wanted to travel back in time with him. A lot of people took him seriously. What do you do when everyone wants you to fix the worst mistakes they've ever made?

Listen to Episode #17: The Time Traveler and the Hitman
PJ says, "I have spent the last week futzing with this very easy, very delicious tomato sauce recipe that apparently everyone else already knew about. If you, like me, enjoy making food but are extremely easily daunted, this is the platonic ideal of a recipe."
Devon Guinn, the Reply All intern recommends Zebra, by Bennet Foddy. He says, "I'm on a real Foddy kick lately, and I love this short-and-sweet puzzle. Finish the maze to find the secret word. Don't play if you have bad reactions to flashing visuals, or to being frustrated."
Victoria Barner, Marketing and Community Manager, says, "Lately I’ve become a true evangelist for the gospel of meal prepping. Nothing is more satisfying then starting Monday off knowing exactly what you’re going to eat for lunch the rest of the week — it’s one less thing you have to think about during the week! My trick of the trade? A magical recipe site called Budget Bytes, filled with quick / easy / inexpensive / entirely meal-preppable dishes that are sure to wow your colleagues who sit next to you at lunch. Imagine walking into the office with a perfectly portioned tupperware of minature muffin-sized meatloafs, bright and fresh green beans, and a scoop of homemade mac and cheese. You are one recipe away from living that dream, and I can personally vouch it is a delicious life."
Freelance Producer Khrista Rypl says, "Today's rec goes out to all the Danny McBride fans out there. I rewatched The Foot Fist Way over the weekend, and I was happy to find I enjoyed it just as much as when I first watched it a few years ago. This is the first feature film McBride made with his long-time collaborator Jody Hill, and it's a funny and dark take on a martial arts instructor dealing with the fallout of his wife's infidelity. I lived in Florida for a number of years and have an aunt there who runs a Tae Kwon Do studio, and I can attest this is spot-on capturing what some of the personalities in this world are like, down to the pervasiveness of the strip mall dojo. It also has a rare appearance of Jody Hill in front of the camera as the enigmatic Mike McAlister, and his role alone is funny enough to warrant watching."
Tim says, "I got rid of a whole heap of records this week, and came home with a couple great new ones.

First: an album by Tewolde Redda, a guitar player from Eritrea in the early 70s. It is so freaking beautiful. Check out the first song, 'Milenu.'

Second: this German group called Ton Steine Scherben scratches my constant itch for music that falls between early punk and classic rock. 'Wir Müssen Hier Raus!' ('We Gotta Get Out Of Here!') came out 5 years before The Clash, which is crazy to me.

And my current favorite: 'Mein Name ist Mensch.' It’s sounds kinda like Nina Simone’s 'Sinnerman' filtered through the Stooges’ Funhouse album — a 'we’re all in this shit together' kind of anthem, loose in a really charming way. Gnarly guitar solos and big chords! Great driving music."
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