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Hey everyone!

We'll be back next week with a new episode! In the mean time, we're rebroadcasting an awesome episode from 2015: Blindspot. Hope is a photographer. One day her body begins to betray her. It starts with her eyes. 

Listen to Episode #42: Blindspot
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Alex says, "One of the ways we preserve surprise on our show is by withholding information from one another until we’re in the studio. It works great in terms of making a story, but it sometimes makes working in an office together very hard, because there are things being talked about that I’m not supposed to hear until we’re recording. So, as a remedy to that, even though it’s not like my #1 genre, I tend to listen to a lot of metal in the office. Right now it’s a lot of Diamond Head, Emperor, D.R.I., but the album I always come back to is Peaceful Death and Pretty Flowers by Dead Horse. It’s kinda thrash but kinda death but kinda…pretty in a weird way? And also they do a cover of "Rock Lobster" by the B-52's.
If you are a long time subscriber of this newsletter, you may remember that Kelly Coonan, Ad Operations Manager, once recommended Herr's brand snacks after they swept three categories in her blind taste test party. Recently, Kelly held a second blind taste test party at Gimlet. Herr’s was unable to reclaim the title due to some poorly stocked bodegas. So instead, Kelly is recommending Dirty Brand Kettle Chips, which tied for first in both the salt and vinegar and regular flavored kettle chips rounds.
Freelance Producer Khrista Rypl says, "My pick for the week is a short article that goes out to all my fellow Bachelor fans (please don't judge us). Even if you don't watch, it's still a super weird story, and now I can look forward to hometowns when Arie will DEFINITELY be having a weird encounter with Bekah M's family."
Eric Mennel, Gimlet Senior Producer, recommends The Band's VisitHe says, "This new musical is about an Egyptian band that gets stranded in a small Israeli town for one night. We come to know the musicians and their unsuspecting hosts in deeply intimate ways, in a rather short period of time. It’s tight and poignant, and about letting your guard down long enough to love something, even if for just brief moment."
Devon Guinn, the Reply All Intern, recommends a short animation called Swap Meet. It's a collaborative experiment between 14 animators: each of them made a background, swapped them at random, then animated over the new background they got, creating some delicious vignettes. It gets weird.
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