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Some things we've been digging
We'll be back in a jif... or is it gif?
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Hello, everyone!

We are off working on some new stories this week. Here's a great episode from 2016 to enjoy in the mean time: Baby King. Alex stumbles upon the weirdest gifs ever made, and goes hunting for their creators.
Plus, a Yes Yes No.
Listen to Episode #61: Baby King
Alex says, "I go through about a month a year where all I will only listen to The Beatles. They are amazing: they invented so much that we now take for granted, and did it all in about 6 years. January has been my Beatles month for 2018, and I read an accompanying text, Rob Sheffield’s Dreaming the Beatles. I’ve read plenty of Beatle books before, but this one is good because it’s less about the Beatles and more about the abstracted idea of the Beatles. What it means to be John. What it means to be George. What it means to know the cover of "Abby Road." What it means to be a fan. It’s just a bunch of beautiful essays about not just who the Beatles are, but who we are as listeners to the Beatles. Also, Tim Howard was the person who convinced me of this—Paul wrote the best songs.
Freelance Producer Khrista Rypl says, "My recommendation for this week is sort of a recommendation of a recommendation. Bon Appetit just published a short article on the joys of chocolate tahini, which, at a mere $10, I have already ordered from Amazon. Plus, I can juice up this brownie recipe that I was going to make anyway."
Kaitlin Roberts, Gimlet Senior Producer, recommends “160 Characters,” a short film by Victoria Mapplebeck. She says, “This short documentary tells the story of two strangers and how their relationship changes over several years. The whole story is told through the 100 text messages the narrator saved on an old Nokia phone."
Editor Devon Taylor says, "I recently saw John Lithgow's one-man Broadway show, Stories By Heart, and I loved it. It's super warm and earnest in a way that often doesn't work, but Lithgow is so winning and genuine that I was totally swept up in it. It's framed as a celebration of storytelling, but at its heart it's a tribute to his father. I laughed and cried—really! Get thee to the theatre."
Devon Guinn, the Reply All Intern, absolutely does not recommend Getting Over It, with Bennet Foddy. He says, "The creator of QWOP has made one of the most infuriating and addicting games I've ever played. I downloaded it from the app store on a whim, and have now sunk literally dozens of hours into trying to climb that dumb mountain. I keep finding new ways to fall all the way back down, but I just can't stop. Foddy said that he 'created this game for a certain kind of person—to hurt them.' It's working."
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