Hacker Newsletter #448

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Hacker Newsletter #448


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Stripe Atlas - the easiest way to create a startup
//stripe sponsored

Julian Assange arrested in London
//bbc comments

You Are Not Google
//bradfieldcs comments

CityBound – An open source city simulation game in Rust
//github comments

It seems that Google is forgetting the old web
//zona-m comments

Let’s Build a Simple Database
//github comments

Katie Bouman, the computer scientist behind the first black hole image
//bbc comments

Startup Stock Options – Why a Good Deal Has Gone Bad
//steveblank comments

The 3dfx Voodoo1
//fabiensanglard comments

Second-Order Thinking: What Smart People Use to Outperform
//fs comments

Buy Yourself a Latte
//ritholtz comments

Is Anyone Listening to You on Alexa? A Global Team Reviews Audio
//bloomberg comments

Capture and Decode FM Radio
//poly comments

#Ask HN

Which great products didn't succeed?

How do you control your diet while working at a tech company?

#Show HN

I made a platform for journalists to “open source” their fact checking //sourcedfact comments

Quirk – Open-Source Cognitive Behavioral Therapy //github comments

Ethical Resources – 300 ethical alternatives to mainstream stuff //ethical comments

Ddgr – search DuckDuckGo from your terminal //github comments

SpaceVim v1.1.0 released //spacevim comments


Netlify Dev //netlify comments

Agile Lite: Agile without all the burnout //github comments

Implementing API Billing with Stripe //daily comments

Developer Survey Results 2019 //stackoverflow comments


Google launches an end-to-end AI platform //techcrunch comments

Dbdot – Golang tool to help generate Postgres schema diagrams //github comments

Cube.js – Open-Source Analytics Framework //cube comments


Public Sans – A strong, neutral typeface for text or display //digital comments

58 Bytes of CSS to look great nearly everywhere //jrl comments

Water.css – A just-add-css collection of styles to make websites nicer //github comments

Design Tools for Everything //github comments

Monotype launches the first redesign of Helvetica in 35 years //creativeboom comments

Web Design in 4 Minutes //jgthms comments


Random Forests for Complete Beginners //victorzhou comments

Declassified U-2 spy plane photos are a boon for aerial archaeology //sciencemag comments

Anvil Firing //wikipedia comments

Kofola, the Cold War Drink of Czechoslovakia //bbc comments


Computer Graphics from Scratch //gabrielgambetta comments

Announcing Building Git //jcoglan comments

Paint Is Colored Glue //delanceyplace comments

The Efficiency Is Everything Cookbook [pdf] //efficiencyiseverything comments


Unveiling the first-ever image of a black hole //youtube comments

SQL databases come up with algorithms you’d never have dreamed of //youtube comments

Overview of differential equations //youtube comments

Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm //youtube comments


Making Video Games Is Not a Dream Job //nytimes comments

I let a stranger watch me work for a day and I've never been more productive //melmagazine comments

Network Determines Success More Than You Realize //medium comments

The key to loving your job in the age of burnout //qz comments

Losing My Perfect Job //medium comments

Refactoring Back End Engineering Hiring at Slack //slack comments


Fortnite and the Good Life //tinyletter comments

The Art of DJing: Jeff Mills //residentadvisor comments

Orwell's Last Neighborhood //longreads comments

#Startup News

Uber S-1 //sec comments

Udacity restructures operations, lays off 20 percent of its workforce //techcrunch comments


93% of Paint Splatters Are Valid Perl Programs //colinm comments

BASIC Computer Games //vintage-basic comments

1969 and 1970 at Bell Labs //larryluckham comments