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Hacker Newsletter #447


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Datadog: cloud monitoring platform that now supports tracing your .NET applications, along with monitoring infrastructure and logs in one place
//datadog sponsored

Warp – Mobile VPN
//cloudflare comments

Productivity Is About Attention Management
//nytimes comments

Burger King is introducing a vegetarian patty from the start-up Impossible Foods
//nytimes comments

Everything I know about freelancing
//andyadams comments

How Spotify and Discover Weekly Earn Me $400/month
//stevebenjamins comments

Why Do Buses Bunch?
//setosa comments

Boss is 90% of the 'Employee Experience'
//linkedin comments

Against metrics: how measuring performance by numbers backfires
//aeon comments

What It’s Like to Grow Up with More Money Than You’ll Ever Spend
//thecut comments

Learning Ada
//steveklabnik comments

#Show HN

Gimli – A Visual Studio Code extension for front-end developers //gimli comments

Simplify Gmail: Bringing the Simplicity of Google Inbox to Gmail //simpl comments

Grassland – Real-Life SimCity //grassland comments

Chessvision.ai – Analyze chess position from websites, images or video //chessvision comments

Thoughter //aytwit comments

Talkshow – Team videos in non-real-time //talkshow comments


I Built a Lisp Compiler //timmorgan comments

Serenity: x86 Unix-like operating system for IBM PC-compatibles //github comments

Coc.nvim – Intellisense Engine for Vim8 and Neovim //github comments

Ruby's Creed //metaredux comments

Size visualization of Go executables using D3 //poss comments


How developers and founders can turn their ideas into UI design //simonmccade comments

UI/UX Patterns You Literally Cannot Design: Design Patents //medium comments


Distributism //wikipedia comments

A Magician Explains Why We See What’s Not There //nautil comments

Averages Can Be Misleading: Try a Percentile //elastic comments

Gödel Machine //wikipedia comments

The History of Ketchup //saturdayeveningpost comments


Why Calvin and Hobbes Is Great Literature //lithub comments

Online book for fulcro: Clojure/ClojureScript full-stack web framework //fulcrologic comments


Typing with a Piano //youtube comments

Magnetic Bearings Might Keep Motor Spinning for Millennia //hackaday comments


Ask HN: Who is hiring? //ycombinator

Burnout caused by chronic stress is widespread //washingtonpost comments

How not to hire a software engineer //tonsky comments

Chinese Devs Using GitHub to Protest 996 Workweek (9am – 9pm, 6 days/week) //996 comments

Ask HN: Best questions for an engineer to ask a CEO during a job interview? //ycombinator comments

Ask HN: How do I ask for a raise? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Who wants to be hired? //ycombinator

Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking Freelancer? //ycombinator

#Startup News

From to Series D //segment comments

Lyft pops 21% on its first day of trading //techcrunch comments


Sweden Wants to Revive Europe’s Overnight Trains //citylab comments

Tone.js – A framework for making interactive music in the browser //github comments

I’m only making business card sized games now //frankforce comments

Tinytetris – 80 x 23 Terminal Tetris //github comments

Nikoli Puzzles //nikoli comments

Teardown of a 50 Year Old Modem //hackaday comments