Hacker Newsletter #435

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Hacker Newsletter #435


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Datadog: a cloud-scale monitoring platform uniting metrics, distributed traces and logs in one platform
//datadog sponsored

Announcing unlimited free private repos
//github comments

Start with a Website, Not a Mobile App
//atrium comments

Coolest Things I Learned in 2018
//perell comments

How I Built a $5K a Month Side Project
//campfirelabs comments

So Long, Macbook. Hello Again, Linux
//richardmavis comments

How to DIY a Product Launch Video with No Experience, and for Free
//clearfounder comments

The 40M dollar job
//idiallo comments

Apple’s Errors
//stratechery comments

#Ask HN

How did you decide what problems to solve in your lifetime?

How to found a company as a single founder?

How do you keep track of your creative thoughts?

How do you organise your hard drive?

#Show HN

Mkcert – Valid HTTPS certificates for localhost //filippo comments

Tree Style Tabs //mozilla comments

Hexyl: A command-line hex viewer //github comments

Build your own Mint //github comments

Top PDFs Posted to Hacker News in 2018 //getpolarized comments

Trilium Notes – Scriptable note-taking application //github comments

Gaia – Build pipelines in any programming language //gaia-pipeline comments

JournalBook – Privacy centric, offline first, personal journal //journalbook comments

Node-Red – Flow-Based Programming for the IoT //nodered comments


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Software Engineering at Google [pdf] //arxiv comments

Ask HN: Go-to web stack today? //ycombinator

Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2019 //github comments

Ruby turned 25 years old //github comments


Bootstrap builder for busy developers //bootstrapshuffle comments

Mapping and visualization //scottreinhard comments

Recreating the Death Star Trench Run Scene with Lego //arduino comments

Designing the Flexbox Inspector //mozilla comments


How to Start Learning Computer Graphics Programming //github comments

Hubble takes gigantic image of the Triangulum Galaxy //spacetelescope comments

Using Fourier Transforms to Multiply Numbers //robertelder comments

Billion laughs attack //wikipedia comments


The Painful Price of Becoming Jackie Chan //newrepublic comments

Digitized Books from 1923 Now Available at the Internet Archive //openculture comments

Using Web Technologies to Print a Book //richardmavis comments

Strang's “Linear Algebra and Learning from Data” is printed and available //mit comments

'Hidden Figures' NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson to Release Autobiography //latimes comments


Lego Porsche Crashtest in Slow-Motion //youtube comments

MegaProcessor //youtube comments

The Box //youtube comments

Platinum from the Road //youtube comments


Ask HN: Going from Developer to Manager. What should I know or learn? //ycombinator

How to Choose a Startup to Work for by Thinking Like an Investor //triplebyte comments

What I Learned from Working 32 Hours a Week //atomicobject comments


A rocker’s guide to management //1843magazine comments

Road Tripping Around Europe in a Tesla Is Less Fun Than You’d Think //bloomberg comments

The Norwegian art of the packed lunch //bbc comments

Chicago’s Deep Tunnel: The solution to urban flooding, or a cautionary tale? //slate comments

#Startup News

WeWork Gets a Visit from Financial Reality //bloomberg comments

Alibaba acquires Berlin-based data Artisans for $103M //dealstreetasia comments


I taught my little brother JS, and he made this game in a week (Note: play this on your phone) //github comments

Maze-solving algorithm implemented in sed //devpost comments

Dimage.js – Never settle for two dimensions //github comments

I've re-implemented the Doom fire effect in plain JavaScript //github comments