Hacker Newsletter #427

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Hacker Newsletter #427


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Airtable - the friendly database that lets you organize anything
//airtable sponsored

An error message, still found in Windows 10, is a mistake from 1974
//threadreaderapp comments

TabNine, an autocompleter for all languages
//tabnine comments

The Illustrated TLS 1.3 Connection: Every Byte Explained
//ulfheim comments

The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in startup's metrics
//andrewchen comments

Apple’s Social Network
//stratechery comments

Designing an Engineering Performance Management System from Scratch
//gitprime comments

Why I wrote 33 VSCode extensions and how I manage them
//medium comments

How to Design Software Good
//haiku-os comments

Fifty Fizzbuzzes
//vihart comments

MacBook Air 2018 Teardown
//ifixit comments

Reddit AMA on Photopea, a free alternative to Photoshop used by 1.5M people
//reddit comments

Google Sheets Query Function
//benlcollins comments

#Ask HN

What are some hacks of real founders who did things that don't scale?

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#Show HN

Thelio – System76 //system76 comments

Aether – Free, privacy-sensitive public communities //getaether comments

Above-average products selling for below-average prices //goodcheapandfast comments

Technical note app that builds a knowledge base //monocorpus comments

Millow – Stay connected with your inner circle //millow comments

Neglected side projects for less than $1000 //1kprojects comments


Microsoft Releases a Linux Version of the ProcDump Sysinternals Tool //github comments

Facebook open-sources new suite of Linux kernel components and tools //fb comments

Phoenix 1.4.0 released //phoenixframework comments

Now 2.0 //zeit comments


Prison time, hefty fines for data privacy violations: draft U.S. Senate bill //reuters comments

Neuron, a new VS Code extension for data science //microsoft comments

A Tour of the Top Algorithms for Machine Learning Newbies //towardsdatascience comments

Artificial Intelligence Hits the Barrier of Meaning //nytimes comments

Visualizing SQL Plan Execution Time with FlameGraphs //tanelpoder comments


Spectre.css – A Lightweight, Responsive and Modern CSS Framework //github comments

Tailwind: style your site without writing any CSS //jvns comments


How Dad's Stresses Get Passed Along to Offspring //scientificamerican comments

Massive octopus nursery found in deep sea //nationalgeographic comments

Base58 //wikipedia comments

Coffman engine starter //wikipedia comments


The Road to GraphQL //robinwieruch comments

Generating Software Tests: Breaking Software for Fun and Profit //fuzzingbook comments

The Most Misread Poem in America //theparisreview comments

Humble Book Bundle: DevOps by O'Reilly //humblebundle comments


2018 Mac Mini Review //marco comments

Wired Interviews Bill Gates //youtube comments

The first domesticated foxes //youtube comments

The Art of Film Grain //kottke comments


Compare career levels across companies //levels comments

Coding as an Engineering Manager //nemethgergely comments

What I say to people who are looking for a job //gregkamradt comments

Curated list of best niche job boards //100jobboards comments


We're in a Golden Age for Amateur Radio //ke6mt comments

What if the Placebo Effect Isn’t a Trick? //nytimes comments

The Masterless People: Pirates, Maroons, and the Struggle to Live Free //longreads comments

#Startup News

VMware acquires Heptio, the startup founded by 2 co-founders of Kubernetes //techcrunch comments

Ford Buying San Francisco-Area E-Scooter Startup Spin //nytimes comments


JPEG image of Shakespeare which is also a zip file containing his complete works //twitter comments

Creating a QR Code step by step //nayuki comments

Programming Quotes //cat-v comments