Hacker Newsletter #396

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Hacker Newsletter #396


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Datadog - Monitor and correlate logs, metrics, and request traces in one platform
//datadog sponsored

Congrats Dropbox
//ycombinator comments

Elon Musk Deletes Own, SpaceX and Tesla Facebook Pages After #deletefacebook
//techcrunch comments

Facebook Container Extension: Take control of how you’re being tracked
//mozilla comments

Uber Is Ripping Off Frequent Riders and Here’s How to Avoid It
//therideshareguy comments

Look for the duct tape
//rachelbythebay comments

ViperCard – An open source re-creation and re-imagination of HyperCard
//vipercard comments

Putting the I back in IDE
//janestreet comments

Stratechery 4.0
//stratechery comments

Steinhaus Longimeter
//fairfield comments

I usually run 'w' first when troubleshooting unknown machines
//rachelbythebay comments

Open source sabbatical = awesome
//jvns comments

#Ask HN

Examples of great landing pages?

Weirdest hack that you ever saw in production?

Resources to learn real analysis?

#Show HN

Storyboarder: free, cross-platform storyboard tool //wonderunit comments

A site that makes Spotify playlists of bands coming to town //nextweeksplaylist comments

Textile – Return Facebook photo exports back to nicely-named galleries //textile comments

Find3 – An indoor positioning system //github comments

HN Domain Leaderboard //hnleaderboard comments

Turn indented text into mind maps //tobloef comments

Launched my first app where people hum songs for others to guess //google comments

“define” – A command-line dictionary (thesaurus) app, written in Go //github comments


Will MySpace ever lose its monopoly? //theguardian comments

Facebook's Zuckerberg Says the Age of Privacy Is Over //nytimes comments

I Hate the News //aaronsw comments


Avoid Else, Return Early //timoxley comments

D3.js 5.0 is out //github comments

Git log – The good parts //zwischenzugs comments

Oni: Modern Modal Editing – Powered by Neovim //github comments

Managing database schema changes without downtime //samsaffron comments

Wapp – a single-file web framework by the creator of SQLite //tcl comments

Guide to Speech Recognition with Python //realpython comments

JavaScript in 14 minutes //jgthms comments


Kaggle Datasets – Discover and analyze open data //kaggle comments

Learning to write programs that generate images //deepmind comments

World Models //github comments


Fred's ImageMagick Scripts //fmwconcepts comments

IBM Plex – A new typeface //ibm comments

Egg Gradients – Gradient color inspirations //eggradients comments

Thinking Machines: Art and Design in the Computer Age, 1959–1989 //moma comments


Hubble finds first galaxy in the local universe without dark matter //spacetelescope comments

Chernoff face //wikipedia comments

Probabilistic Filters By Example //github comments

China Is Building a Rain-Making System Three Times as Big as Spain //scmp comments

Fiber Lasers are set to make laser weapons practical //ieee comments

Lucky iron fish //wikipedia comments


Book Review: Twelve Rules for Life //slatestarcodex comments

Where to Score: Classified Ads from Haight-Ashbury //theparisreview comments


We're building a dystopia just to make people click on ads //ted comments

What is Mastodon? //youtube comments

Solving 2D equations using color //youtube comments


The health care toll today’s work culture exacts on employees //stanford comments

61% of “Entry-Level” Jobs Require 3+ Years of Experience //talent comments

How to Quit a Top Tier Tech Job //oliverzheng comments


DIY makers who build their own watches //bbc comments

Vintage Cassettes: 1963-2010 //vintagecassettes comments