Hacker Newsletter #395

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Hacker Newsletter #395


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Hello and good morning! Jammed pack issue, but first a couple quick notes. First, if you're a Pocket user, we're looking for some beta users for a fun little side-project. Two, let me know if you're interest in sponsoring a future issue. And lastly, if you're on Twitter you can find me @kale.


Triplebyte - Helping Engineers Find Great Startups
//triplebyte sponsored

The Game of Everything, Part 1: Making Civilization
//filfre comments

The Nightmare Letter: A Subject Access Request Under GDPR
//linkedin comments

How Amazon Became Corporate America's Nightmare
//bloomberg comments

Firefox Product Roadmap
//mozilla comments

//magicleap comments

Long Live Mister Rogers' Quiet Revolution
//jstor comments

D3 Graph Theory – Learn About Graph Theory Interactively
//github comments

Startup founders throughout the Midwest are doing something new: staying
//californiasunday comments

How I've built a profitable Slack bot as a side project in Rails
//pawelurbanek comments

The Population Bomb Has Been Defused
//bloomberg comments

Why I deleted Facebook
//sivers comments

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#Featured - Everything is crashing

Self-driving Uber car kills Arizona woman crossing street //reuters comments

Tempe Police Release Video of Uber Accident //twitter comments

FTC Probing Facebook for Use of Personal Data, Source Says //bloomberg comments

Facebook Security Chief Said to Leave After Clashes Over Disinformation //nytimes comments

WhatsApp co-founder tells everyone to delete Facebook //theverge comments

Zuckerberg on Cambridge Analytica situation //facebook comments

#deletefacebook //techcrunch comments

How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Account //deletefacebook comments

#Ask HN

Tell HN: I just wanted to say: thank you, Hacker News

How did you start your business?

Is a blog clever marketing or just a waste of time?

#Show HN

Blocklist Facebook domains //github comments

Promise – Cost-effective, more humane alternative to jail //ycombinator comments

Krita 4.0 – A painting app for cartoonists, illustrators, and concept artists //krita comments

Interactive map of Linux kernel //makelinux comments

URL Canary – Get an alert when someone finds your secrets //urlcanary comments

Where is Sci-Hub now? //herokuapp comments

Transfer files to mobile device by scanning a QR code from the terminal //github comments

Airborn: Create and edit f​iles online​, securely //airborn comments

An AI app that generates quizzes from a photograph of a texbook //questo comments

Sheet2Site – Create Websites Out of Google Sheets //sheet2site comments

Dejavu – Web UI for Elasticsearch //github comments


How to Use Go Interfaces //chewxy comments

User-defined Order in SQL //begriffs comments

AWS documentation is now open source and on GitHub //amazon comments

Tail recursion in Python //chrispenner comments

Eve: Programming designed for humans //eve-lang comments

Makesite – A static site generator in 125 lines of Python //github comments


Evolution Is the New Deep Learning //sentient comments

Word2Bits – Quantized Word Vectors //github comments

Train Your Machine Learning Models on Google’s GPUs for Free //hackernoon comments

Sequence Tagging with Tensorflow //github comments


Netflix unveils Netflix Sans, a new custom typeface //itsnicethat comments

Fitts’s law //wikipedia comments

Hopefully, the Ultimate Guide to a Flat Icon Set //muz comments


Mathematics for Computer Science: Readings //mit comments

All disk galaxies rotate once every billion years //astronomy comments

Number systems of the world, sorted by complexity of counting //airnet comments

Death of the sampling theorem? //markusmeister comments


At full speed with Python: a book for self-learners //github comments

The Best Books on the Philosophy of Mind //fivebooks comments

The “Basecamp MBA” Reading List //signalvnoise comments


Building a chat app in 8 minutes with Phoenix //elixircasts comments

Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver //youtube comments

Tesla Autopilot 2 on Winding Local Road //youtube comments

Unreal + $150,000 GPU = Real-Time Raytraced Star Wars //youtube comments


Cutting ‘Old Heads’ at IBM //propublica comments

Why I Don't Sign Non-Competes //penguindreams comments

Ask HN: How do you find freelance work? //ycombinator

What Record-Low Unemployment Looks Like in America //bloomberg comments


‘The Trains Are Slower Because They Slowed the Trains Down’ //villagevoice comments

Japan’s Prisons Are a Haven for Elderly Women //bloomberg comments


Using old laptop batteries to build homemade powerwalls //futurism comments

Kottke.org is 20 years old today //kottke comments

KotCity – an open-source city simulation game written in Kotlin //github comments