Snapchat Spectacles! (and 5 other physical products) 🕶🃏⛱🎒❄️👻

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Snapchat Spectacles! (and 5 other physical products) 🕶🃏⛱🎒❄️👻
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Late Friday night Snapchat unveiled their highly anticipated smart video sunglasses: Spectacles. With the tap off a button you record 10 seconds of circular video, a new format that looks pretty awesome (and solves the portrait vs landscape video debate, at last). As part of the launch Snapchat rebranded to Snap Inc. to reflect that it's more than just an app.

But Spectacles isn’t Snap's first physical product launch. Here are 5 others you can buy right now:

❄️ Ice Tray
🎒 Backpack
🃏 Playing Cards
👻 Plushie
Beach Towel
Made by Snapchat 👻
The first Presidential Debate is today! You can watch it live on Twitter. Small request: VotePlz, and register to vote by scanning your ID.

Alternatively, you can Make Twitter Great Again by hiding all mentions of the 2016 election, do the same for Facebook, then take "The Donald Test."
🕶 Spectacles
Snapchat's highly anticipated smart glasses are here! They record 10 seconds of circular video with the tap of button, and look pretty stylish. We collected the best reaction in our first Twitter Moments creation. 🐥⚡️ read more
TOPICS: Snapchat, Wearables 1005 75
📷 Manual 2.0
Manual gives you full control over your iPhone camera. Adjust the shutter speed, ISO, focus, custom exposure and save RAW images in DNG format. read more
TOPICS: Photography Tools 646 45
🎓 LinkedIn Learning
Last year, LinkedIn bought Lynda for $1.5 BILLION. Now it's LinkedIn Learning, the ultimate resource for learning, creative thinking, and getting new business skills. read more
TOPICS: Education 551 12
🙇 Google Daydream
Google's virtual reality SDK is now available. The SDK simplifies common VR development tasks so you can focus on building new immersive experiences. read more
TOPICS: Virtual Reality 527 3
Pinterest for coders. Collect and share your favorite projects made with code on CodeMade. 🤗 read more
TOPICS: Developer Tools 492 20
🌎 Instant Translate for iMessage
Chat in any language without even knowing it. With perfect offline history, text-to-speech, break the language barriers for many languages with ease. read more
TOPICS: Productivity, iMessage Apps 362 12
🛡 TunnelBear
The VPN of choice for many. Keep your browsing secure with the handsome new TunnelBear app for Windows and Mac. 💻 read more
TOPICS: Privacy, Mac, Windows 307 25
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