Augmented reality will make you beautiful 💋🎩👠

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Augmented reality will make you beautiful 💋🎩👠
Product Hunt
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When you think of fashion in tech, hoodies, Dropbox tees, other startup tees, and Slack socks come to mind. When fashion meets tech, it gets a whole lot more interesting with these products:

😮 InkHunter lets you try tattoos in real-time using augmented reality
🙆 is your new favorite place to try and return clothes online
📸 GoFind AI lets you snap a photo to find similar items to buy 
🐐 GOAT is the safest way to buy and sell sneakers from your phone
🏃 Nike's self-lacing running shoes will finally go on sale Nov 28th!

Special thanks to Ashley Laurel for curating the Fashion Meets Tech collection on Product Hunt. 🙏
Fashion Meets Tech
What Should You Focus On As A New Startup Founder? We put together a Medium post with answers from some of the best Live Chats on Product Hunt, including Lori GreinerBen Horowitz, and Arielle Zuckerberg. Product Hunt Radio
📊 Statsbot Alerts
It's getting impossible to monitor all your metrics, all the time. Statbot immediately alerts you to significant changes in your data using a smart alert system that detects anomalies and patterns in data. 📈 read more
TOPICS: Slack, Analytics 716 54
🛠 Flynn
Open source Heroku on your own servers. What's super interesting about Flynn is that they've captured exactly what made Heroku phenomenally great and made it as simple to run on your own servers, Garry Tan says. 👌 read more
TOPICS: Developer Tools, Open Source 388 41
📠 Amazon Prints
Amazon takes on Shutterfly with a super cheap photo printing service. You can print on mugs, create a book, and print out your favorite photos from the phone. 🖼 read more
TOPICS: Photography, Amazon 269 19
PLUG is a high capacity portable battery pack for all your electronics on the go. It even comes with two AC wall outlets and solar charging. 🔋☀️ read more
TOPICS: Mobile Chargers 273 24
🤗 Momento
Momento automatically creates GIFs of your best moments right inside iMessage. If you text a lot of photos to friends, this app is for you. read more
TOPICS: iMessage Apps, GIFs 223 36
🚀 Weebly 4
The complete platform to help you grow your startup. Websites, eCommerce, and marketing all in one place. read more
TOPICS: Design Tools, Marketing 256 5
📈 Scale Model
Scale Model leverages network analysis to help brands discover, understand, and connect with more of the people who really matter (Matt Mazzeo from Lowercase Capital is a fan). read more
TOPICS: Analytics 167 14
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