Lately, I've been thinking a lot about personal freedom. 

It's my mission for to liberate software developers to build cutting edge software that makes a difference.

But what about me?! What about my freedom?!

This year has been really rough.

In no particular order...

My dad passed away in April.
I hit some serious depression and burnout in June and August.
I had a big sponsor pay me 90 days late. 

And, I've been scrambling to keep everything moving for the podcasts.

Then, in September, I realized that I wanted to help you create the freedom to pursue the life and coding lifestyle you want.

Nothing fires you up like having a purpose you believe in.

I've been moving a lot of things behind the scenes to make that start happening...

... but I'm spending a TON of time selling sponsorships, building podcasting software, and handling hiccups in the podcast production process. 

I'm drowning!

OK, maybe not drowning, but I'm not spending my time on liberating! I'm spending it on management minutia.

So, I've decided to get help! 

That's where you come in! I'm hoping you know someone who can help me with 3 different roles I have...

(Or you might be the person to do this work.)

Here are the 3 roles I'm trying to fill. If you know someone who will be a good fit, please forward this to them:

1. I need someone to help me finish building the podcasting software I started. It's software that helps podcasters schedule episodes, manage production and releases, and knock the socks off podcast sponsors.
People interested can apply here.

2. I need someone to write podcast show notes and manage the podcast release process. This includes uploading finished podcast episodes to our media hosting, posting to wordpress, writing show notes, and promoting episodes.
People interested can apply here.

3. I need someone to interface with sponsors and potential sponsors. This includes contacting new potential sponsors, identifying products and companies that align with our mission, conducting sales calls, and helping sponsors get the ROI they're looking for.
People interested can apply here.

I really appreciate your help on this! Feel free to reply to me as well if that's easier for you to refer someone who would be a great fit.