I've been trying to get this email out, but I was up most of the night last night being sick. (I'll spare you the details...)

I've also been trying to get the Indiegogo pages set up for these shows.

However, I'm still pretty sick and exhausted and I said I'll get this out. So, I'm going to give you the basic rundown of the upcoming shows and then get the indiegogo pages up on Monday and email you on where to go.

The shows I'm planning to launch over the next few months are:
  • A React podcast
  • A Vue podcast
  • An Elixir podcast
I've gotten a lot of requests for the React and Elixir podcasts. Joe Eames from the JavaScript Jabber podcast has talked to me and is going to help me launch the Vue podcast.

The plan is to launch indiegogo pages to cover the first 6 months of each of these shows. I feel that once we get past 3-6 months, I can find sponsors to help me cover the rest of the costs of producing the podcasts.

I'm sorry for the short email, but I want to deliver what I promised. I'll get you more details on Monday.