Back in 2012, the Ruby Rogues were invited to do a live show at RailsConf in Austin Texas.

Around that same time, we announced the Ruby Rogues parley list.

It started as a google group and moved after a few years to a Discourse forum.

It was a great place to interact, ask questions, hear what people were thinking about, learning, and struggling with.

After a while, though, the participation started to drop.

My guess was that it just wasn't a place where people spent their days. So, we moved things to Slack rooms.

However, we lost a lot of people in transition. I really miss the sense of community that came from it.

Around the same time, I tried creating the same community for the other podcasts. 

The problem I had was knowing where to go with 6 different communities.

I'm changing that now...

I've moved everything over to a Slack and I'm working on setting up a forum. I'm not running show-specific forums or Slacks anymore.

The forum will be at (I'm setting it up today) and the Slack chat will be available to Patreon subscribers.

Patreon is a great way for you to support the content we put out there.

I'm hoping this provides a great way to connect and discuss the topics around programming and living that will help you out.

If you have a current subscription to one of the other chat rooms, I'm ending those subscriptions so you don't pay for them anymore. I'm also going to be active on the Slack room and forum.

I really value your feedback here. If you have questions, ideas, or thoughts, I'd love to hear it.