Have you ever had that moment where, after struggling with a problem and trying to formulate a solution, the way suddenly becomes clear?

For me, that happened this last week regarding the podcasts and where I want to go with things.

And, since you're on this list most likely due to something related to the podcasts and conferences, I thought I'd share.

When I started doing the podcasts, especially Ruby Rogues, in 2011, it was mostly because I liked talking to cool people about programming. 

Well, that and I *love* programming. 

As my podcasting efforts grew, I had 2 things going for me. 

First, I had great help in the form of Mandy Moore. She really handled a lot of things for me that made it easy for me to simply produce the podcasts.

Second, I mostly could treat it as a hobby.

That meant that I could work on it how and when I liked and that the pesky details would all be handled.

If you know me at all, you'll know that the pesky details are really not where I thrive.

I like getting into the messy vision and big picture stuff.

Well, in August of last year, Mandy and I parted ways. I wound up picking up the slack, but still treated things like I could just do things when I felt like it.

That meant that a lot of things started to fall through the cracks.

Fast forward to today...

I've realized that there are some things that I need to do to make sure that shows go out, guests get scheduled, and sponsors get lined up. I've done OK making sure that all those things happen, but there's a snag...

I want to build something... Not just maintain what I already have.

I want to excel!

And, I finally have a vision for what I want...

So, over the next few days, I'm going to lay out all the great stuff I'm building for you.

Tomorrow, I'm going to talk about the feeds and website and show you how I'm making your listenership easier.

Thursday, I'm going to detail the future of the Slack chats, forums, and other community aspects of Devchat.tv

Friday, I'm going to talk through the next 3 shows we'll be starting at Devchat.tv.

Next week, we'll go into where things go from here for the conferences.

I really want your feedback! So, if you have any thoughts or wishes for what I'm doing, please let me know (hit 'Reply') so we can provide you with a terrific experience in leveling up your careers, skills, and knowledge.

As always, thank you!