How to Get the Job You Wish You Had

Even if You're Not a Senior Developer

  • 8 Live Webinars
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Live Chat Room
  • Guided Job Search Process
  • Facebook Group
  • Worksheets and Checklists
  • Guaranteed Results
The course will be given during the following sessions and recordings provided for review and in case you can't attend one of them:

Nov 6 4-6pm MDT: The Productive Job Search
Nov 13 4-6pm MDT: Resumes and Identifying Your Dream Job
​Nov 20 4-6pm MST: Researching Companies and Getting Contacts
​Dec 4 4-6pm MST: Getting Noticed by Employers from the Outside
​Dec 11 4-6pm MST: Getting Noticed by Employers from the Inside
Dec 18 4-6pm MST: Mastering Programming Interviews
Jan 8 4-6pm MST: Offer Letters and Salary Negotiations
​Jan 15 4-6pm MST: How to Become a Better Programmer

I (Charles Max Wood) will be teaching the course. I've helped and coached dozens of developers. 

I also recognize that our jobs are the things we spend the most time doing. That means that good jobs and happiness there bleeds over to the other parts of life. 

So, let me help you find a job you'll love!


(I even managed to get the link right this week.)

I'm looking forward to helping you make your life better and take the next step in your career!