In a recent whitepaper by, they recorded 548 software failures that affected 4.4 billion people and $1.1 trillion in assets.

That's astounding! 

And, those are only the big ones that they know about!

What about the software you work on? You're probably thinking that it's not going to have that big an impact...

But what about the people who use your software to make their living? or educate their kids? or stay in contact with their family members who live far away?

We hear about changes in Google's search algorithms killing businesses.

Why couldn't a hiccup in your software cost someone's business or family some time or money?

What's really crazy is that sometimes we don't see the bug (or it doesn't show up) until it's put into production!

Now you've got to fix it ASAP before too much damage is done.

What now?!

(This is the part where you pull your hair out, get really good at using the `grep` utility on log files, or ask a user for their password. None of those options are pretty.)

You're in luck! Our friend John-Daniel Trask from is going to show us how he tracks down errors in production and what tools he uses to do it.

(I saw you exit the `grep` man page... Don't hide it!)

I love these live demos because it feels like I'm gaining super powers that help me get past nasty problems and save me a ton of time.

This webinar is free next Thursday, Oct 12 at 10am Pacific Time (1pm Eastern Time). Here's a little timezone help if you need it.


I'm looking forward to seeing you there.