When I was a new programmer, one of the first things I experienced was Mountain West Ruby Conference.

Admittedly, a lot of the content went over my head, but I did pick up some valuable information about Regular Expressions, Code Reading, and other skills that have helped me over the years.

PLUS, I got to meet a bunch of great people.

Next week, I'd like to give you the same opportunity with a lot less of the "over my head" experience.

In fact, what I'm doing is aimed specifically at new developers and junior developers who are looking for ways to level up their coding career.

I'm putting on Newbie Remote Conf and have invited some awesome speakers to come share how you can go from Newbie to Junior developer.

We also have talks about finding a job and leveling up, so don't miss it.

The conference is next week on Wednesday July 19 and Thursday July 20.


Don't miss this opportunity to level up!

Chuck aka Charles Max Wood