It’s not like massively successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Tony Robbins have any more time than you do. It’s that they spend that time doing things that REALLY matter.

They’ve not only learned to prioritize but they have also learned to those get things done.

A to-do list is an ancient technology that, while it certainly still has its uses, is woefully inadequate for a sophisticated modern entrepreneur.

My friend Jordan turned me on to this idea and he’s going to share his entire productivity system with you on a live training tomorrow: The Secret To Get More Done Without Working Harder!

He’ll share a couple hard-won secrets such as:

  • A simple but powerful technique to manage your focus, not just your time
  • A 5-minute process to get instant clarity on your priorities, even if your to-do list is long and overwhelming.
  • Why many of the most successful entrepreneurs have thrown out their to-do lists and what they do instead
  • How to use distractions before they use you
  • Ways to turn around an unproductive day even if you feel horrible

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Looking forward to seeing you there live and in full on learning mode.

~ Chuck

PS. The Secret To Get More Done Without Working Harder! live training is tomorrow! Register now so you don’t miss out!