A couple of days ago, I emailed you telling you about Josh, a bootcamp grad who was having trouble getting a job.
Josh had gotten to know a few people through the bootcamp he attended, and his instructor Ben, who was one of the downtown Salt Lake Ruby User Group’s organizers. 
I encouraged Josh to go to as many of the User Group meetups as he could. 
I also told him that he should join the group’s Google Group and to see if he could find an open source project or two to contribute to.
None of those things took him very long.
After a month or two, he was helping with the group that met in the south part of Salt Lake valley. Before long he had gotten to know Jake, who was the primary organizer of that group. 
Jake had a couple of developers leave his team. He knew that Josh was new, but reliable due to his contributions to the User Group and to the open source project he was contributing to. 
He also knew that Josh was looking for a job.
Since he needed someone very soon, he hired Josh. 
Josh’s problem wasn’t knowing enough of how to code. His problem was knowing how to be available when opportunity arose. 
Yes, you need those technical skills. And the more expertise you can build the better.
Josh wasn’t a “genius coder.” He was contributing to the open source project he was working on at a fairly basic level. 
And Jake could see from that that Josh had the skills he needed.
Newbie Remote Conf has talks designed to teach you how to get involved in the programming communities in ways that put you in the path of people who are hiring and influencing the larger community.
Of the things that Josh did, we have talks about them like these:

  • Open Source Governance 101 by Nell Shamrell-Harrington
  • Leveling up your Career with Meetup Talks by Zachary Kessin
  • How to Stand Out as THE Candidate with Strong Positioning by Josh Doody
  • 8 Ways to Get Noticed by Employers by Charles Max Wood

Plus, you get these bonuses if you get a ticket by Saturday:

  • Videos on “What to learn next?” that will help you stay current or level up.
  • “Resume Guide for Developers” PDF
  • “10 Things Every Junior Developer Needs to Know” PDF

We’re also doing a live roundtable call on July 19 as part of the conference. We usually have a few of the speakers there and you can get advice and answers to questions.
I’m looking forward to talking to you then!
Charles Max Wood