When my friend Josh was a brand new coding bootcamp grad, we used to meet up every week at the local Starbucks to hack on stuff.
He frequently told me how frustrating it was to try to find a job.
He just couldn’t figure out why it was that he wasn’t getting hired.
In fact, most of the time, he’s send in his resume and never hear back.
Super. Frustrating. 
The problem was that he didn’t know what to do next.
He clearly was a capable programmer, if a little new. But apparently no one who got his resume could see it.
Was there a skill he needed that he didn’t have?
Was there a problem with his resume? 
Did they want someone with more experience?
What should he be doing to get to the next level in his career and ultimately get the Junior Developer position he wanted?
Have you had these concerns? What is the next step for you where you’re at?
Maybe you should learn a new technology…
Or get better at an old one…
Contribute to open source…
Speak at the local users’ group…
Or maybe change the way you’re looking for that junior developer job…
All of these topics are being covered at Newbie Remote Conf this year on July 19 and 20th.
Newbie Remote Conf is a conference for new programmers trying to get to the next stage of their career. 
We’re covering job searches, open source, users’ groups, and much more.
The conference is priced at $75 to make it affordable for people mid career-shift.
Plus, if you buy a ticket by the end of the week, I’ll throw in these BONUSES:
  • Videos on “What to learn next?” that will help you stay current or level up.
  • “Resume Guide for Developers” PDF
  • “10 Things Every Junior Developer Needs to Know” PDF
These BONUSES go away on July 1. You don’t want to miss out.
You rock!

Charles Max Wood
P.S. I’ll send you an email in a couple of days letting you know how Josh got a job and became a successful developer.