I had this dream. It started sometime after Ruby Rogues and sometime before iPhreaks.

I was going to help people.

I had found people to create podcasts with.

Those podcasts were impacting people.

I began to think about what else I could do to give people more.

Then I had it. I'd put on a remote conference.

It wasn't originally my idea, but I imagined how many more people it would make a difference for. 

All the people who live far away from where any conference is held.

People who couldn't travel for various reasons.

New programmers who wanted to connect, but couldn't afford flights and hotels, let alone conference tickets.

Then I realized something. 

Speakers wanted to be paid.

Hosting online conferences actually cost money for streaming, hosting, and the like.

And, I was taking time away from other things that paid some bills that have to be paid.

So, I charged for them.

Then I raised prices.

But I felt like I was letting people down who didn't have the money to attend.

Yes, there are people in countries and situations that can't afford $50 or $100 to attend an online event.

And how do I give them a discount and still charge others full price?

Then a friend of mine (Hi Josh!) showed me a blog post about online summits.

And they're FREE for people who want to attend.

People only pay for the extras...


But can I pay enough bills if most people get in for free?

I'm confident that this community is awesome.

I'm also pretty sure I can find or come up with some really great extras. 

So, I'm going to try the free online summits for the next few conferences.

Please go check out: If you can, I'm counting on you to help me pay some bills, but if you can't, please enjoy the conference.

I'm also planning to make some announcements on speakers soon, so stay tuned.

I'm also still doing Newbie Remote Conf, so if you're a new programmer come join us next month.