Freelance Remote Conf

A conference for people who want to make a full time living as a thriving freelancer.

2 days.
16 speakers.
Live talks.
Zero travel.
Apr 19th: 9am - 3pm MDT
Apr 20th: 9am - 3pm MDT

Jonathan Stark


The Hourly Trap

Jonathan Stark has built a 6 figure consultancy by changing his pricing model from hourly billing to value-based fees. This change was actually a huge step forward for Charles Max Wood in his consultancy as well. This talk will walk you through the problems with hourly billing and the process you can go through to get your business on the value-based train!​

Breanne Dyck


Do You Have What It Takes to Get Your Business To $1m And Beyond?

Breanne Dyck is a specialist in growing businesses to $1,000,000 plus. If you want to know what you need to do to get a thriving freelance business, you can't miss this talk.

Liston Witherill


Close Like a Boss: How to Close 80% of Your Proposals

Is your closing rate 80%? Some people seem to close on every proposal they send out and some people seem not to be able to close. If you want to know how to talk to people and structure your sales process to increase close rate, then come listen to Liston.


What You'll Learn at Freelance Remote Conf

  • Learn how 16 different freelancers and business owners think about different aspects of their successful service businesses.
  • How to grow your business by switching from hourly income to value-based pricing.
  • Strategies for getting your freelance work noticed.
  • Methods for writing emails that will find you clients.
  • The power of video as a marketing tool.
  • Where to find new clients without having to cold call, email, or beg.  
  • You get recordings of every session, and they're yours to keep!

Become Part of the Community

 The most successful freelancers are usually part of a larger community and don’t do it alone.  Freelance Remote Conf is often the stepping stone for people to meet new friends and make business relationships.  

There’s an active Slack channel for everyone during the conference. Talk with other attendees or the speakers directly.  

Slack chat from JS Remote Conf

If you’re a freelancer (or trying to become a freelancer) and looking to grow your business, Freelance Remote Conf is for you.  

You can attend live from anywhere in the world, and learn from other successful freelancers how they built their businesses.  



The DevChat Team


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Apr 20th: 9am - 3pm MDT [Add to calendar]

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