Yesterday I mentioned my phone call with Alex.

I know a lot of people feel stuck, so I'm going to go over a few things I recommended to her.

Just to recap, she's doing Wordpress and wants to make a job switch to Node or JavaScript.

There were two courses of action we came up with for her.

First, there's a front-end or UI team at the company she works for. 

Since she's already at the company and knows the people on that team, she should apply for that particular team. 

This provides her with the opportunity she's looking for or some immediate feedback from people in her company regarding what she's missing that would make her a good hire.

Second, she should continue her job search. Just in a little different way.

(Here's where I give away some of my secret sauce.)

She should identify the types of companies she wants to work for. This includes:
  • Who she works with
  • What the company's vision or purpose is
  • What technologies they use
  • What opportunities they offer (like in house training, conference attendance, etc.)
  • How they work (agile, etc.)
  • Location
If any of these don't matter, leave them off. 

Then, look in the area you're trying to find the job in (or across the internet if you want remote) and find companies that look like this profile you've created.

Then, start meeting people from those companies and find out what they're looking for at that company.

There's a whole lot more to this than these basic steps, but this is a good start.

If your job search is stalled out or if you feel like you're stuck in your job because there are no good prospect, then please schedule a call with me!

We'll dig deep into what's holding you up and discuss how I can help you.

I only have openings Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon at this point (they've been filling up) so hurry and claim your spot.