Are you good enough?

Charles Max Wood |

Yesterday I talked to a podcast listener named Alex on the phone.

She's got a pretty good job doing Wordpress development. 

She's also been dabbling in Node.js.

Now she wants to make a career shift to build cutting edge applications in Node.

However, she has a few things holding her back.

First, she's talked to people who have discounted her experience in Wordpress and "not real programming."

Second, she's got one of those liberal arts degrees. (So, no CS degree.)

So, during our call, she asked me what she should do because she feels like she's stuck doing Wordpress. 

The primary concern was "How much do I have to do to know that I'm good enough to get the job I want?"

This is actually a pretty common question I'm asked. And, most job search hangups center around this feeling of not knowing if you're good enough to get the job.

So, if you're feeling stuck on this or something else, I'm still doing phone calls through the end of the week with people who are looking for a better job or trying to get a raise.

Schedule your phone call now!

If you want to know what I recommended to Alex, I'll tell you tomorrow.