Do you want a better job? or a raise in your current job?

Charles Max Wood |

Last week I was talking to a podcast listener I'll call Jim.

Jim had booked a time to talk to me from my email about "What should I be learning?" that I sent last week.

When I asked him what he outcome he wanted from what he was learning, his answer was in a nutshell "a new job with interesting opportunities in a new city."


Because... Jim's stuck.

Jim lives in a city where there aren't a lot of job or social opportunities.

The company he's working for still uses ExtJS for their web applications.

And they're not interested in adopting new tools or frameworks. (He gets shut down when he tries to get them to try them.)

Jim's stuck.

Are you a "Jim?"

Jim wants to move to a new city and meet new people.

Jim wants to be near a vibrant tech community where he can explore new areas of interest and talk to other coders.

Jim wants challenges that he won't find using the same old technology day in and day out.

Jim wants to contribute to open source.

Jim wants to feel like he's on the cutting edge.

It sounds like Jim just wants to be free.

Jim and I talked for about a half hour about his options, how he could make the changes he needed to get to where he wanted to be.

We also talked about what was holding him back.

That's what I want to do with you. I want to talk about how you can make a job change like Jim wants to. 

If you're looking to make change in your job situation, even something as simple as asking for a raise, the please pick a time to talk to me about it. 

I have a lot of ideas, some unconventional, on how you can find the perfect programming job for you. Or, if you have that job already, how you can ask for and get a raise.

This is my chance to get some new ideas on how I can help people in your position. 

So, let's talk about your freedom!