Re: Are you stuck knowing what to learn next?

Charles Max Wood |

I hear a lot of people asking, "What should I be learning?"

This usually boils down to two more specific questions...

What should I be learning to level up enough to get a job? (or get a better job?)


What should I be learning of the zillions of new technologies and tools that are coming out every day?

Do you have one of these questions?

I understand some of the reasons behind these questions, but I want to know where you're at and how you're thinking about this.

So, if you have time I'd love to talk to you.

Click here and pick 2 or 3 times on my calendar that work for you this week. (I'm not sure I'll approve times next week.) 

I'd love to talk to you for about a half hour and nail down exactly where you're coming from and how we can answer this question on the podcasts, in videos, etc.

So, make sure to get an appointment!