Reminder: Check Out JS Remote Conf 2017 (March 15-16, 2017)

Charles Max Wood |

Are you looking at conferences coming up this year? Have you accounted for the hotel, food, and airfare to get there?

What if you could get there without paying the hotel or airfare?

In fact, what if they brought the speakers to you? 

Now, imagine being on the front row AND being allowed to chat with other developers about the talk while it was going on!

Well, thanks to the internet, you can have (mostly) that experience.

Coming to you live from the comfort of their own office to yours (or your apartment, house, or bathroom) are 16 speakers from across the JavaScript community.

Don't dress up. Forget the TSA. 

Just order a pizza and come hear some great talks about Angular, React Native, Web Assembly, Web Workers, JavaScript Engine Design, Web Speech API, and much, much more.

You can get tickets right here!