2 days left until DevOps Remote Conf

Charles Max Wood | Devchat.tv

Hi there! 

With DevOps Remote Conf approaching this week, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about this awesome opportunity. By attending this conference, you’ll have live access to experts from around the world and the opportunity to connect with people from all over. 

Speakers have been asked to leave time for questions during their talks, and we’re also hosting a live roundtable discussion as part of the conference for speakers and attendees on Wednesday at 5pm MT. 

We have talked scheduled for 9am through 3pm MT both Wednesday and Thursday, although of course it being remote means that you can pop in and out as your schedule allows. 

Read more about our speakers and scheduled talks at http://devopsremoteconf.com and of course, don’t forget to register! 

Thank you, 

Charles Max Wood