How to Get a Raise

Charles Max Wood |

"They should be paying you at least $20,000 more per year than they are..."

I couldn't believe that Don, my co-worker was telling me this. I had just transitioned from Customer/Tech Support to Quality Assurance. I'd been in that position for about a month.

"Really!" he told me. "They pay guys like you a LOT more than what they're paying you here."

He had just guessed pretty much spot on what my salary was.

"So, what do I do to get a raise?"

He told me to get some competing offers and come back.

A few weeks later, I came back to my boss with 2 offers for $20,000 more than I was making at that job.

After they offered me $10,000 more a year, I took the development job at a development shop that contracted me out to their clients.

I had almost no development experience, but I had worked as a systems and network administrator for nearly 8 years before going to Mozy.

In other words, they didn't hire me because of my development skills. They hired me because I had other experience that they needed help with.

I found that in that and my next 3 jobs, I wound up negotiating a higher salary because I could help with and sometimes do the deployments, server setups, and operations.

In other words, you'll get paid more for what you can bring that no one else has.

That's why I'm putting on a conference about DevOps. 

Most of the people getting this email are web or mobile developers. You don't actually have to know or do operations in many cases.

But, if you want flexibility or better pay, you can make a much better case for it by offering to pick up other work functions that the company can't or won't hire someone for.

DevOps Remote Conf is next week. 

Take this opportunity to learn about DevOps, docker, and the principles around them and get working on that raise.

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