[Devchat.tv] New JavaScript Jabber episode: 243 JSJ Immutabl

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243 JSJ Immutable.js with Lee Byron

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1:05 - Introducing Lee Byron

1:55 - Immutable.js

4:35 - Modifying data and operations using Immutable.js

7:40 - Explaining Big-O notation in layman’s terms

11:30 - Internal tree structures and arrays

15:50 - Why build with Immutable.js?

23:05 - Change detection with a mutable

25:00 - Computer science history

34:35 - Other positives to using mutables

37:50 - Flux and Redux

39:50 - When should you use a mutable?

46:10 - Using Immutable.js instead of the built-in Javascript option

51:50 - Learning curves and learning materials

54:50 - Bowties


Contractor by Andrew Ball

17 Hats (Charles)

Asana (Charles)

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (Joe)

LEGO Star Wars (Joe)

Advent of Code (Lee)


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