[Devchat.tv] New JavaScript Jabber episode: 231 JSJ Codewars

Charles Max Wood | Devchat.tv

JavaScript Jabber

Weekly podcast discussion about Javascript on the front and back ends. Also discuss programming practices, coding environments, and the communities related to the technology.

231 JSJ Codewars with Nathan Doctor, Jake Hoffner, and Dan Nolan

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3:23 Discussing the purpose and aim of Codewars

7:30 The process for building a program with Codewars

11:07 The UI and editor experience

12:55 The challenges faced when first building Codewars

14:23 Explaining PJAX

16:54 Building code on Codewars

21:24 The expanded use of KATA on Codewars

23:11 Practicing “solving problems” and how it translates to real world situations

34:00 How Codewars proves out the persistence of coders

36:41 How Codewars appeals to collaborative workers

44:40 Teachable moments on Codewars

49:40 Always check to see if Codewars is hiring. Codewars uses Qualified.io, which helps automate the hiring process.


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