(Late) Independence Day Sale

Charles Max Wood | Devchat.tv

Every year since 2010, I've celebrated Independence Day twice. 

The first is the traditional 4th of July. We have barbecues and light fireworks.

The second is September 16th. 

I celebrate September 16th because that's the day I got laid off. Which started the journey I'm on now. 

I still remember walking into work that morning. After about 30 minutes, I got called into HR with one of the other programmers. 

"We've called you in because we're laying people off."

It turns out that the company's board was unhappy with the company going from making money month after month to losing money month after month.

So, they called in their most senior developers and a few other people they couldn't afford anymore and revoked their employment status.

It's kind of a surreal feeling to walk in the house an hour after leaving.

Eventually, this led to my going freelance. That meant that I had the time and desire to start Ruby Rogues when James Edward Gray mentioned that he'd like a panel discussion podcast about Ruby.

This was what led Jamison Dance to ask me about podcasting, which resulted in JavaScript Jabber.

You get the idea...

Anyway, I love celebrating this day by sharing a bit of what that Independence Day led to.

So, for the rest of this week, I'm putting all the remote conference tickets, conference video access tickets, my upcoming "Get a Coder Job" ebook, and the webinars all on a 33% off sale.

JS Remote Conf and Newbies Remote Conf videos will be up tomorrow and will be part of this sale.

Just use the coupon INDEPENDENCE6 -- 'cuz it's been 6 years -- to get your 33% off.