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These jokes take some weird twists and turns, but they'll all leave you laughing.
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What a journey

19 Tweets That Are Unexpectedly Hilarious

These jokes take you on a journey to some very unexpected punchlines. Luckily, they all guarantee you a really good laugh.


Dogs might just be the derpiest creatures in the entire animal kingdom. Don't believe us? These funny photos are proof.

Don't do it.

17 People Who Are Living Your Worst Nightmare

We've all been there: You ask for a water cup and secretly fill it with soda. But here's why that's not always such a great idea...


A woman spent $500 on surgery for her goldfish after it choked on a pebble. And if that's not true love, we don't know what is.

Whoat that's freaky

19 Engrossing Wikipedia Pages To Read When You're Really Bored

There's a lot of weird, mysterious, and fascinating stuff out there on Wikipedia. And these captivating pages will keep you reading for hours.


Whoa — you can finally delete the Stocks app (and other things you never use) on your iPhone! Here's how to do it.

Can a simple dessert test really reveal how sexy you truly are? Yes. Yes it can.

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