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W H O   W E ' R E    F O L L O W I N G


Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro


Rovinj, Croatia


Chicago, Illinois

W H A T    W E ' R E    E Y E I N G

The next best thing to all-day beach hair after a salty morning dip is Lua Skincare's Sea Spray, specially formulated for surf hair. Starring an all-natural plant-based line up, this Spray combines coconut oil, aloe vera and spearmint leaf oil, which add beachy, voluminous textures and offers a magically fresh fragrance that also helps promote the same grounding, mental clarity that a day by the sea gives us. Pick one up below.

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W H A T    W E ' R E    L I S T E N I N G    T O
W H A T    W E ' R E    R E A D I N G

In internet years, Sabbat’s rise has been gradual. He was discovered when he was 15 by ReQuest Model Management while drinking hot chocolate with his dad. Since then, he’s worked his way up the fashion food chain from pretty face to social-media personality to actor to something like a Gen-Z Chloë Sevigny. He’s always in the right place with the people who make it so, wearing the thing no one else has, all seemingly without trying. It’s this natural cool — contained in the sum of his mustache, his apathetic pout, and those bold, definitive opinions — that sets Sabbat apart from his contemporaries, and earns him fat checks from brands like Calvin Klein and Evian as an influencer. But is actually trying to influence just too uncool for Sabbat?

C O P Y    &    S H A R E    Y O U R    I N V I T E    L I N K    O N    F A C E B O O K
F O L L O W    U S