Stella Spoils 10.15.18


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W H O   W E ' R E    F O L L O W I N G


Bingin Beach, Indonesia


Mentawai, Indonesia

W H A T    W E ' R E    E Y E I N G
Another gem from the Adidas by Stella McCartney collection, these forest green leggings may just be the ultimate answer to extremely comfortable workouts. These gems feature a stretch fit, ribbed panel detail, moisture-wicking fabric, and a cut so sweet that it keeps it all in so you can go all out. Find them below.
P A R T N E R   S P O I L S
Here's a perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. Vinebox has curated a collection of world-class wines from renowned regions across Italy, France, Spain, and more. Discover a new favorite each night (or day, no judgement) with wines perfectly paired to wash away the lingering pumpkin spice lattes of your hectic day. It's not drinking, it's a wine tasting, and that makes it classy. Pick up a set below.
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W H A T    W E ' R E    L I S T E N I N G    T O
W H A T    W E ' R E    R E A D I N G

Dieter Rams is done giving interviews, and Gary Hustwit can only poke at his tempeh hash with a laugh here and a sigh there, hoping he did the legend justice. I sit with Hustwit in a chilly Chicago diner before screening the film later that night at its Midwestern premiere. Hustwit cannot know this documentary represents the last time Rams will speak to the press, of course, but Rams has certainly left him with that impression. “He feels that’s the last interview he has to do. Seriously, he’s not doing any others,” says Hustwit. “I think he’s tired of talking and saying the same thing. He wants his books and this film going out and doing the talking.”

C O P Y    &    S H A R E    Y O U R    I N V I T E    L I N K    O N    F A C E B O O K
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