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W H O   W E ' R E    F O L L O W I N G


Los Angeles, CA


Santa Caterina Hotel, a little slice of heaven perched on the cliffs and overlooking the sapphire waters of the Amalfi coast.

W H A T    W E ' R E    E Y E I N G

Black Crane is the epitome of the "effortless" style; that Japanese-suave kind of cool with their (super) relaxed fits and boxy silhouettes. Behind the brand is Alexander Yamaguchi and Momoko Suzuki. Both are deeply interested in their Japanese roots, something that is always evident in their clothing that is characterized as minimal and edgy. I've always been obsessed with Black Crane for these reasons and add to that the fact they produce environmentally consciously and 100% locally in LA. Every piece in their collection is a strong statement piece in its quality and simplicity, like this simple pullover Wide Top in Sand with frayed details throughout. 85% cotton, 15% wool, this ultra-soft flannel-feel top is ideal for winter layering and the fresh spring days to come. Check them out here:

W H A T    W E ' R E    L I S T E N I N G    T O
W H A T    W E ' R E    R E A D I N G

When the President of the United States travels outside the country, he brings his own car with him. Moments after Air Force One landed at the Hanoi airport last May, President Barack Obama ducked into an eighteen-foot, armor-plated limousine—a bomb shelter masquerading as a Cadillac—that was equipped with a secure link to the Pentagon and with emergency supplies of blood, and was known as the Beast. Hanoi’s broad avenues are crowded with honking cars, storefront venders, street peddlers, and some five million scooters and motorbikes, which rush in and out of the intersections like floodwaters. It was Obama’s first trip to Vietnam, but he encountered this pageant mostly through a five-inch pane of bulletproof glass. He might as well have watched it on TV.

C O P Y    &    S H A R E    Y O U R    I N V I T E    L I N K    O N    F A C E B O O K
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