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There are many ways to learn coding, but few come with the same benefits as our Web Development Immersive (WDI) course. At General Assembly, we run programming worldwide, build relationships and curriculums with major employers, and keep our finger on the pulse of web development. Our graduates find jobs because our courses are designed based on employers’ needs. In 12 weeks of WDI, here’s what you’ll get:

  • The skills and confidence to become a full-stack developer in a professional setting. You’ll learn the workflows while you learn to code.
  • A curriculum set by industry standards. Today’s WDI is steeped in JavaScript, with a unit dedicated back-end frameworks and APIs.
  • The flexibility to join from any location. WDI now offers remote opportunities.
  • Experienced instructors, coaches, and communities. GA has been training full-stack web developers since 2012. Completing WDI puts you in good company with an alumni network of more than 45,000 GA graduates of our full- and part-time courses.
  • Successful placement. According to GA's 2014-2015 student outcomes report Measuring What Matters, 99% of full-time course graduates who participated in our Career Services program got a job in field of study within 180 days of starting their search.

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