How one GA grad changed her path with UX design skills

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Going from corporate to creative with UX.
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Switching Paths: From Corporate to Creative With UX Design

Anindita Saha, User Experience Design graduate. "Our instructor really taught us how to excel and build a career as a UX practitioner," she says.

Anindita Saha began her path to user experience (UX) design as an accountant at a Big Four accounting firm, where she was tasked with conceptualizing software to support a new company workflow. Saha loved the project — drawing sketches, and interviewing colleagues and intended users — but didn’t realize it could be a full-time occupation.

After learning about UX as a formal field and discovering General Assembly, Saha enrolled in our User Experience Design (UXD) course to embark on a new career path.

“What I learned in the course was not just the techniques and methods for doing the job, but also how to think like a user experience designer,” said Saha, who has since landed roles at a startup and large software development company. “Our instructor really taught us how to excel and build a career as a UX practitioner — and what it takes to become successful.”

Thinking of exploring a new professional path? Discover the ways you can learn the skill of empathy-driven UX design:

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