Two friends came to GA to learn UX design. They emerged as s

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How UX skills learned at GA gave birth to a new company.
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From Students to Startup Co-Founders

Chelsea and Vanessa's jewelry brand was born from the UX design skills they learned at GA. "We met more people than we could have ever imagined through the GA community," they said.

For years, friends Chelsea Nicholson and Vanessa Stofenmacher thought jewelry wasn’t for them. It came from a place of fast fashion, huge markups, and misleading product descriptions. So they decided to do something about it: They created a Warby Parker-style jewelry brand based entirely on quality, simplicity, and transparency — key user experience design (UX) principles.

But they couldn’t have done it without learning UX in our User Experience Design Immersive (UXDI) program. Their company, Vrai & Oro, operates on what they learned in the course: “Every decision we make is based around how it will affect our customers,” they said, so skills like user research, prototyping, and interface design were essential in building a great customer experience. And the connections they gained through GA’s global network of alumni and teachers helped them gain the exposure they needed to grow.

Whether you’re looking to start your own venture or break into a new field, see how UX design skills could change your career path. Join us at an on-campus UX event or info session, or request a syllabus to preview the curriculum that will teach you one of tech’s most sought-after skill sets.

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